5 Benefits of Coriander Leaves, Prevent Cancer To Treat Anemia

iNSulteng – Possible leaf coriander less popular than seeds coriander. However, leaf coriander turns out to have a lot benefit for the health of the body and treat various diseases.

Leaf coriander is believed to contain a lot of vitamins. As summarized from various sources, Saturday 27 November 2021, the following benefit drink extract leaf coriander for health.

1. As an Antibiotic
There’s no doubt that leaf coriander It does have natural antibiotic properties. So by consuming it and making it a daily drink it will kill both bacteria and viruses in our bodies.

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2. Prevents Cancer
Leaf coriander It has natural antibiotic and antioxidant properties, and the content in it is able to prevent the emergence of cancer cells in the body.

So by drinking it regularly it is possible to avoid cancer. Starting from breast cancer to other cancers.

3. Treating Anemia
By drinking the extract from leaf coriander regularly every day it will cure anemia. The iron in leaf It is able to overcome various problems such as shortness of breath, fatigue, and lack of cognitive function.

So with sufficient iron needed by the body it will strengthen the body’s organs and will also provide energy.



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