47.6% of voters voted in the Lithuanian Seimas elections

In the first round of the Seimas elections in Lithuania, 47.6% of the country’s population with the right to vote took part – three percentage points less than in the previous parliamentary elections four years ago.

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In the previous voting, 11.64% of voters have expressed their will this time, on Sunday another 35.52% of voters in Lithuania voted, but including foreign voters Lithuania citizens – 35.9%, according to the information of the Central Election Commission (CEC), which was published after the closure of the polling stations.

In 2016, 50.64% of Lithuanians with the right to vote took part in the parliamentary elections and 6.65% of them voted in advance, but this year, in order to limit the spread of the new coronavirus, four days have been set aside for the previous vote. On Friday and Saturday, there was a vote at home, which was also open to people who need to be in isolation.

According to CVK, 2,449,683 people were entitled to go to the polls this time, almost 55,000 less than four years ago.

Polling stations closed at 8 p.m.

As Laura Matjošaitīte, the chairman of the CEC, announced at the press conference in the morning, this time the announcement of the voting results could be a bit delayed both due to the longer time it takes to compile the previous voting results and due to the security measures introduced for Covid-19.

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