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45,000 homes without power due to substation shooting in North Carolina

Hangzhou network Release time: 2022-12-06 02:09

Overseas Network, December 5 According to a report by the US National Broadcasting Corporation on December 4, a substation in North Carolina, US, was hit and damaged, causing power cuts to about 45,000 households.

Local police said they were investigating the widespread power outage in the southeastern part of the state as a deliberate crime in which the suspect fired multiple shots at the substation causing damage to equipment. The police are looking for a suspect.

Brooks, a spokesman for the local energy company, said that on the evening of 3, about 45,000 families lost electricity. As multiple facilities were involved, the restoration work was complicated and the recovery time could not be estimated.

(Original title: North Carolina substation in the United States was shot and damaged about 45,000 homes without electricity)

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