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45 cases confirmed in Reunion, first weekend of containment

Seven new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed this Saturday, March 21, by the prefecture of La Réunion. Our department now has 45 cases on its territory. The Meeting has been confined for five days to fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

The number of people contaminated by Covid 19 is now 45 in total in Reunion. In a statement, the prefecture of Reunion said that seven new cases were confirmed on Friday evening at 11 pm.

Three cases by intra-family contact

Earlier today, ten new cases had been confirmed by the prefect, Jacques Billant, at a press conference. Among these ten people, seven were contaminated in mainland France and three people were contaminated in La Réunion by a family member returning from mainland France and being among the first 28 cases.

The authorities indicate that research is being carried out by the French Regional Health and Public Health Agency to identify people who have been in close and prolonged contact with these people.

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Still in stage 1?

With these three cases of contamination by intra-family contacts, La Réunion now has an identified local contamination chain. The prefecture of La Réunion and the Regional Health Agency have not yet indicated whether our department is going into stage 2. Stage 2 consists of slowing the spread of the virus, and stage 3 aims to attenuate the epidemic wave.

“Towards a health catastrophe”?

In a press release published Friday evening, the Departmental Council of the Order of Doctors affirms “that we are heading towards a health disaster in Reunion”. “We should be in stage 3!” indicates the Council of the Order of Doctors which challenges the public authorities and claims “let them take stock of the health crisis we are going through”.

One death in Mauritius, 14 confirmed cases

This Saturday in Mauritius, 14 cases are confirmed and a first death has occurred. Three cases are confirmed in Madagascar, seven in Seychelles and six in Mayotte.

In France, the peak of the epidemic is expected in the coming days. 12,612 people are now infected. 450 people died from Covid-19.

Containment day 5

This weekend is the first without beach, picnic or hike in Reunion; “It will not be the last”, warned the prefect of Reunion, Jacques Billant.

Restaurants, gyms, museums are closed. The Colossus and Colorado parks have also been closed. Trails, waterfronts and beaches are prohibited. “Stay home”, this is the message that the authorities continue to send. Travel only if necessary and with your travel certificate.

Health, work, education, travel authorization: find all the practical information by clicking here.

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No beach, no hiking, picnic and outing. Are the instructions respected in the south? Meeting Report The 1st:

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