4,000 Chinese People Move to Timor Leste, Unexpectedly Not Only Give State Loans, Small Industries in That Country Are Also Controlled by Most of the Chinese People, What is the Impact?

Sosok.ID – China is the first country to recognize independence Timor Leste in 2002.

The country has also provided a lot of money for the development of the country, even providing loans for the Tasi Mane project.

Not only in the form of fees, who would have thought at that Timor Leste there were about 4,000 people China who settled and lived there.

They laid the foundation the economy, starting from the sector the economy small to large

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According to South China Morning Post, at Plaza Timor, almost all shops and shopping places are owned by Chinese.

Call it Ma Liyu, this woman claims to come from the city of Ningde in Fujian Province, China.

He came to Timor Leste to trade tea leaves and cell phone accessories.

Ma moved out about 11 years ago, after hearing that it would be easy to make money in the country.

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