400 euros from the Revenue Agency for these healthcare expenses with income exceeding 35,000 euros

Many people have to help and support a loved one who has lost self-sufficiency and is in constant need of care. When there is a person with physical or mental disability within the family unit, the workload increases. Similarly happens in the presence of an elderly parent who is no longer able to look after himself without the help of third parties. Very often there is not even the economic availability to request continuous assistance from specialized personnel. And especially if you have work commitments it becomes really difficult to find time for both tasks. However, economic aid can be requested to cover the costs of assistance and even discounts on refueling with Law 104.

Furthermore, whoever supports a disabled family member or an elderly person in need of assistance on a daily basis is also entitled to other important benefits. It is no coincidence that 400 euros are arriving from the Revenue Agency for these healthcare expenses with incomes exceeding 35,000 euros. And above all, it is possible to take time off from work and enjoy a few days off without suffering cuts in the monthly salary. They have also been allocated new allowances of 700 euros for family members who care for the elderly and disabled in need of care. In September, on the other hand, IRPEF reimbursements will arrive to cover the health costs that taxpayers have had to incur.

400 euros from the Revenue Agency for these healthcare expenses with income exceeding 35,000 euros

When the tax to be paid is calculated, it is possible that the taxpayer accrues a credit and therefore is entitled to a refund. Thanks to the tax concessions for the disabled and elderly in need of assistance, some health costs can be deducted.

The calculation of tax deductions occurs in reference to health costs not exceeding 2,100 to the extent of 19%. As a result, the disabled person or family member who takes care of them can get reimbursements of up to around 400 euros. This, however, if the total income of those requesting tax breaks does not exceed 40,000 euros.

The IRPEF refund arrives directly in the pay slip or on the current account, but the credit date is variable. In fact, those who filed the tax return between July 16 and August 31 2021 will receive the 730 refund by September 15. On the contrary, the taxpayer who submitted the income tax return after September 1st will have to wait a few more days. Finally it is advisable to be careful because many do not know that even close relatives can ask for Law 104.


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