40% of unscheduled surgical interventions at Saint-Nazaire hospital

Even if the latest figures for the epidemic are encouraging in the Nazaire metropolitan area, that does not mean that the decline has started. The epidemic rate (number of patients per 100,000 inhabitants over the last 7 days) has fallen from 314 to 275 in Carène (urban community). To the hospital, the situation remains very tense and some services such as resuscitation and the Covid unit are still full despite additional beds: 15 beds in sheaves (usually 12), 24 beds in the Covid unit and 11 in critical care units.

Tired staff

40% of surgical operations are deprogrammed to allow deploy staff to Covid patients. Some have to work 12 hours a day and “the teams tire “recognizes Catherine Furic, the head of the hospital crisis unit,”we have to adapt constantly, rearrange schedules at a moment’s notice. With the change of school holiday dates, staff are asked to make arrangements between themselves in the departmentsThe teams also hope that the influx of many people who have come to spend the Easter weekend or to confine themselves to the region will not be synonymous with a restart of the epidemic within two weeks.

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