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[Ming Pao News]The quarantine measures at the airport have been eased, and with the receipt of consumer coupons, are you thinking about getting ready for a long-lost trip, such as buying a new camera? In the past, when I wanted to take master-level photos, the camera always had a lot of “weight”. Not counting the lens, it was already close to 1kg at any time, which was very cumbersome. However, in recent years, manufacturers have greatly reduced the weight of cameras, and the detailed interchangeable mirror APS-C mirrorless cameras already have professional functions such as high-speed continuous shooting and high-pixel shooting. Children, pets, and even high-speed extreme sports who want to be filmed all the time, can travel lightly.

Higher-speed processor with greater noise reduction

FUJIFILM, with its retro and literary cameras as its selling point, has paid more and more attention to high-performance shooting in recent years. The new X-H2S, equipped with a new generation of image sensors, not only focuses faster and more accurately, but also achieves high-speed continuous shooting at 40 frames per second, which is faster than many top cameras with a price of 40,000 to 50,000 yuan. A wash of the brand’s previous “slow life” image. The X-H2S body weighs only 660g, and as an APS-C camera, a lighter telephoto lens can be installed, so there is no pressure to take bird photography with light loads; the video recording function has also been fully upgraded, and it can shoot 6.2K videos, which is very good comprehensive.

The X-H2S can be said to be the fifth-generation flagship of the brand’s X series. It adopts a new X-Trans CMOS 5 HS sensor, 26.1 million pixels, and a back-illuminated stacked structure, which is 4 times faster than the data reading speed of the old model, so as to achieve 40 high-speed continuous shooting per second; the processing power of pixels during continuous shooting is also improved, the calculation of image information is 3 times faster, and even full-speed continuous shooting has accurate autofocus efficiency. In addition, the new camera is also equipped with the latest X-Processor 5 processor, which is more than 2 times faster than before, which not only significantly improves the accuracy and speed of autofocus, but also greatly reduces image noise when shooting at high ISO sensitivity.

Of course, in order to achieve high-speed continuous shooting of 40 frames per second, it must be fast enough and have enough memory capacity. When X-H2S users use the electronic shutter, they can shoot more than 1000 images continuously, including storing 30 JPEGs per second and 20 RAW files per second, to meet more shooting needs.

The new machine has improved the autofocus algorithm, and the focus tracking performance has been greatly improved. Even in low-contrast environments, it can track moving subjects at high speed and accurately autofocus. In addition, the image processor is developed using deep learning technology to improve object detection capabilities. In addition to automatically detecting and tracking faces and eyes, it can also identify animals, birds, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, planes, and trains. Users do not need to be distracted by focusing, and can focus on capturing the most suitable shooting opportunities.

In addition to faster and more accurate images, the new sensor and processor also enhance the X-H2S’s filming capabilities. It can shoot 6.2K/30p 4:2:2 10bit video with richer color information; it can also shoot 4K/120p, which is up to 5x slow motion video. For professional photographers, the new camera supports 3 kinds of Apple ProRes video encoding, which can simplify the post-production process; another new function is to support F-Log2, the dynamic range is extended to 14+ stops, which is more than the current F-log. Large post-production flexibility, allowing the film to show richer colors.

Enhanced heat dissipation for 4 hours of continuous shooting at 4K/60p

The powerful autofocus performance of the new camera can also be fully utilized when shooting. It supports AF+MF function in video mode, and can also automatically detect the subject to focus during the shooting process, ensuring smooth, accurate and stable tracking of moving subjects in the video. In order to solve the problem of overheating caused by shooting high-resolution 4K videos, the X-H2S redesigned the heat dissipation structure of the fuselage to greatly increase the recording time. For example, 4K/60p videos can be recorded continuously for 240 minutes. Users can also purchase a dedicated cooling fan FAN-001, which can extend recording time even in high temperatures.

The X-H2S continues to provide body shock resistance. The 5-axis shock absorption system has been newly designed to provide up to 7 levels of shock resistance. When users hold the camera to shoot dynamic scenes such as sports or dim night scenes, they can ensure image stability.

FUJIFILM X-H2S Specifications

Sensor: 26.16 million pixel X-Trans CMOS 5 HS (APS-C)

Screen: 3-inch 1.62 million pixel reverse touch LCD

Shutter: 15 minutes to 1/32000 second (60 minutes for B shutter)


Storage: SD Card, CFexpress Type B (up to 2TB)

Film mode: 19 types

Volume/Weight: 136.3×92.9×84.6mm/660g (with memory card and battery)

Price: $19,990 (net body)

Enquiries: 2406 3225 (FUJIFILM)

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