4 years in prison for the driver

The driver of the vehicle who had dragged a police officer over 500 meters in order to flee, at the end of August, a control in Meurthe-et-Moselle was sentenced Monday evening in Nancy to five years in prison, including one year of probation, reports Eastern Republican.

The magistrates of the criminal court followed the requisitions of the prosecution against the 29-year-old defendant, well known to the courts with 14 mentions in the criminal record.

The facts were committed in Chavigny, when the police wanted to check a car. She had been called by a restaurant owner whose order had been paid for with counterfeit 20 euro bills.

At the hearing, the images of the arrest were broadcast. They show two police officers attempting to extract the driver from the vehicle while the third is in the front. But the man behind the wheel manages to leave and one of the police officers is stranded. Another policeman used his service weapon by aiming at the tires of this car, which did not prevent the leak, had specified the public prosecutor Fran├žois Perain the day after the facts, specifying that the fugitive had finally struck another parked vehicle.

The policeman, dragged for 500 m, was slightly injured, suffering from pain in the legs and pelvis. Hospitalized, he was able to come out the next day.

Three other people, minors, were also arrested.

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