4 ways to watch YouTube without annoying ads

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Tell me – Many users of the popular video sharing platform ‘YouTube’ suffer from annoying ads that many don’t want to see.

According to many technical sites, there are many different ways for users to watch ‘YouTube’ without ads and enjoy a better user experience.

Ways to Watch YouTube without Ads: 1- Paid YouTube Premium Plan Subscription: This method is the most effective way to get rid of YouTube ads and it is done by paying individual or family YouTube Premium plan and you can choose the family plan to use on multiple devices.

After you subscribe to (YouTube Premium); You will be shown videos without ads, unless the ad was placed by the creator of the video, and you will also have access to premium content and YouTube Music. For iPhone and iPad users, this is the only way to watch YouTube ad-free. YouTube Premium subscription plans start at $11.99/month for a single user and $22.99/month for a family plan that includes 6 people.

2- Using ad blocker applications: This method is also one of the effective ways to block YouTube ads, which is the use of ad blocker applications, and there are many such applications, but they are only available in Android as external applications that cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store, because Google These types of applications are not supported. Examples include:

– YouTube Vanced application: The YouTube Vanced application is the most popular of these applications and, in addition to its role in blocking YouTube ads, it offers you the advantage of playing videos in the background.

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– NewPipe application: The NewPipe application was designed to provide an ad-free YouTube watching experience and this application does not ask for any login permission on your device and does not show affiliate ads, as well as not needing an account or Gmail to use YouTube features that usually require you to sign in. This app stores all the data needed to perform certain features like watch history or subscriptions on your device and this app is also a great solution for people who use devices that are not supported by Google services, such as Huawei phones.

– SkyTube application: In addition to blocking YouTube ads, SkyTube application allows you to control the videos you watch on YouTube, block inappropriate clips and categorize videos into lists, so this application offers you an ad-free YouTube experience with features Additional It’s not offered by the official app, and as with the previously mentioned NewPipe app, you can use SkyTube without the need for a Gmail account.

3- Using ad blocker add-ons in the web version: Adblocker is the best alternative to a YouTube Premium subscription to watch YouTube on computer without ads and most of these add-ons are customizable based on the site where they are used, and this means that they allow you to set permissions Especially for each website, which is especially useful for sites that do not work if you use ad blockers, but YouTube is not in this category of sites. Examples of these extensions are the following:

Add Adblock for YouTube: The Adblock for YouTube addon is designed to block all types of ads that YouTube places on videos, as it blocks ads like (banners), popups, annotations, and preroll ads. at the beginning of the video and this addon works with a specific list of external advertising sources, so all ads from any source outside that list will appear in the videos, but the list of advertising sources is constantly talking in this component additional -up.

– uBlock Origin add-on: uBlock Origin is another popular option to block ‘YouTube’ ads on the web, as it relies on many block lists, and in addition to preventing ads from appearing, this add-on blocks malicious sites, so it is useful for you whether you want to block ads or not, here are some examples of other extras to block youtube ads:

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– Adblock plus.

– AdGuard.

– Ghost.

4- Using a VPN service to block ads: A virtual private network (VPN) provides an encrypted connection between your computer and a remote server, which is an excellent way to hide your current location and ensure that your ISP ( ISP) does not track your internet activity, but it can also be a way to block ads.

Not only is getting a VPN service to block ads the best option, there are better suited options for this goal, but using this service is also a good idea if you want to protect your privacy, hide your IP address, and prevent websites from tracking your online activity.

Using a VPN can mask your location and activity, which reduces the work of advertising algorithms so they can’t target you accurately; This prevents many ads from appearing. Here are some examples of some VPNs that are effective at blocking ads:

– Surfshark.

– CyberGhos.

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