4 Ways to Overcome Slow Internet on Smartphones

The more you use smartphone to open various applications, the smartphone may experience hangs and the internet is slow.

Apart from restarting smartphone periodically so that the phone is always responsive, users can also increase the convenience of using the internet smartphone by paying attention to habits in using the application.

For example, users often just press the button back or home after using the app.

Well, it’s better to avoid this because the application is not completely closed and is still running silently, so it continues to eat RAM, even consuming data quota and making the internet slow.

The habit to avoid is downloading and storing a lot of unnecessary apps that will take up too much memory.

Users can close the application completely by:

– Press the triple line icon on the navigation at the bottom

– Select Close All option. If you only want to close certain apps, swipe up on the unneeded app view to close the app.

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