4 types of heart diet that can help the heart return to normal, heart disease patients need to know

PortalJember.com – Disease heart occurs as a result of a continuous process, where heart it gradually loses its ability to function normally.

At the onset of the disease, heart able to compensate for the inefficiency of its function and maintain normal blood circulation through the enlargement and increase of the heart rate (Compensated Heart

In an uncompensated state (Decompensatio Cordis), abnormal blood circulation causes shortness of breath (dyspnea), fatigue and pain in the area. heart.

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The reduced blood flow can cause abnormalities in the kidneys, liver, brain function and blood pressure, resulting in sodium reabsorption. This ultimately leads to edema.

Disease heart become acute if accompanied by an infection (endocarditis or carditis), Fail heartafter Myocard Infarct and after surgery heart.

As mentioned PortalJember.com Ministry of Health page, destination diet pathology heart is:

1) provide adequate food without
heavy work heart

2) lose weight when you are too fat

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