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How to get rid of the flu without taking medicine

Gridhype.id- In a time of pandemics Covid-19 like today, maintaining a healthy body is the main thing that we must pay attention to.

This is important so that we are not easily exposed to the virus Covid-19.

Flu become one of the diseases that we must be aware of, especially in an uncertain season like now.

Has almost the same symptoms as Covid-19, flu or influenza usually attacks the nose, throat and lungs.

Then the big question is how do we protect ourselves from this disease?

An infectious disease specialist Kristin Englund reveals simple ways to protect ourselves from flu.

Reporting from Healthline, here are four easy ways to avoid flu in times of pandemic Covid-19.

Understand the symptoms

Flu and Covid-19 have many similar symptoms, such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, and muscle aches.

If you feel any symptoms, seek immediate medical attention for definitive answers.

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Get the flu vaccine

Studies show that the flu vaccine reduces your overall risk of getting the flu and makes you less likely to become seriously ill if you do become infected.

“The flu vaccine not only protects you, it protects everyone you love around you,” says Englund.

The CDC recommends that everyone over the age of 6 months get vaccinated.

In addition to the flu vaccine, it’s also a good idea to get the Covid-19 vaccine. The Covid-19 vaccine is recommended for those over the age of 12.

Prepare emergency medicine

If you have mild flu or Covid-19 symptoms, you should stay home until you feel better.

This is important so as not to pass it on to others.

In addition, Englund also recommends that we keep the following medicines for self-protection:

  • fever reducers such as acetaminophen (Tylenol)
  • ibuprofen for muscle pain
  • cough syrup
  • thermometer.

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Stay alert

Like Covid-19, the flu virus spreads through droplets from the nose or mouth of an infected person.

Therefore, you need to remain vigilant by implementing health protocols such as wearing masks in public places, doing physical distancing, and washing hands frequently.

In addition to preventing the flu, this method has also been shown to be effective in preventing Covid-19.

If you have a comorbid illness that puts you in the high-risk category, it’s best to have an oximeter ready to measure blood oxygen levels.

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