4 Things About 2022 World Cup Qualifying Play-offs – Italy and Portugal Find Friends to Make a Mini European Cup


Cristiano Ronaldo (left, Portugal captain) and Leonardo Bonucci (Italy) must be willing to enter the 2022 World Cup qualifying play-off in the European zone.

BOLASPORT.COM – Play-off qualification 2022 World Cup the European zone could be presenting nuances European Cup mini with presence Italy, Portugal, and maybe Dutch.

The structure of the second round alias phase play-off qualification 2022 World Cup the euro zone has been realized clearly, although not yet complete.

As many as 10 of the 12 participants who will fill this stage have been identified to compete for the remaining 3 tickets to Qatar.

The twelve countries are divided into 10 group runners-up from the qualifiers 2022 World Cup, and the best 2 group winners from UEFA Nations League 2020-2021 who finished outside the top two of the qualifying standings.

The interesting thing is the existence of a big team Italy and Portugal, as well as a number of other European dark horses who slipped and were “looking for friends” to join the phase play-off this time.

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What is the current situation, who can get down to this stage, and what is the format and schedule?

Here BolaSport.com discusses 4 things you should know about play-off European zone 2022 World Cup qualifiers, according to info from the UEFA.com website.


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