4 The leader of the “People’s Group” stayed in prison before the Appeal Court did not allow bail.

Today (February 27) Mr. Noraset Na Nongtum, Attorney from Human Rights Attorney Center As a team of lawyers of the people’s group Revealed through facebook Economy of Nong Tum That the latest court of appeals ordered not to allow the leader of the people’s group bail Which consists of Mr. Prit Chivarak (penguinThe 1st defendant and the four in total

An order of the Court of Appeal argues that Consider the weight of the charge and the circumstances of the case. In addition, the Appeal Court never allowed temporary release of the first, second, third and fourth defendants during the consideration. In addition, the reason according to the request, there is no reason to change the original order. Therefore not allowing temporary release of the defendants 1, 2, 3 and 4 during the consideration An order of the Court of First Instance not allowing temporary release

reportnewsRevealed that yesterday (February 26), Mr. Noraset, a lawyer, filed an appeal for bail. These include Mr. Anon Namapa, Mr. Prit Chivarak, Mr. Somyot Prueksakasemsuk, and Mr. Patiwat Sarai Yam, who were detained in the Bangkok Special Prison. After all the lawsuits were filed, 19 September rally to reclaim the power of the people. In an offense under the Criminal Code, Section 112, Section 116 and other charges

Previously Former Director-General of Administration, Thammasat University And former Dean of the Faculty of Law Thammasat University Submitted for temporary release on February 22. But the court did not allow the temporary release. While the Court of Appeal has ordered the insurance, 8 leaders of the DPW.

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This time, a team of lawyers from the Human Rights Attorney Center Therefore appealed the order not to bail the People’s Party Leader to the Appeal Court By comparing each issue in accordance with the reasons that the Appeal Court allowed bail, the NCPO leader.


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