4 Results of the Meeting between Jokowi and President Zelensky in Ukraine

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After a nearly 13-hour train journey via Poland, President Joko Widodo finally arrived in Kyiv, Ukraineand was greeted by the President Volodymyr Zelensky at Maryinsky Palace, Wednesday (29/6).

Zelensky greeted Jokowi at the palace entrance at around 15:00 local time.

“After the welcome, the two leaders of the two countries entered the Palace to have a photo session together and continued with a tete-a-tete meeting,” said the statement from the Presidential Secretariat.

Jokowi and Zelensky also had time to visit Irpin City and visited a hospital that treated war victims in Kyiv.

During the meeting, there were at least four main things that Jokowi and Zelensky discussed.

Here’s a summary:

1. Promote Peace

Jokowi’s main mission in visiting Ukraine is to promote peace dialogue between Kyiv and Russia.

Despite the increasingly frenzied Russian invasion of Ukraine that has lasted more than 4 months, Jokowi views that peace dialogue remains the urgency of resolving conflicts between the two countries.

“Although it is very difficult to achieve, I convey the importance of a peace resolution,” said Jokowi after meeting Zelensky.

2. Bring a Message to Putin

Jokowi said he offered to serve as a messenger to Russian President Vladimir Putin during his meeting with Zelensky.

After visiting Ukraine, Jokowi will immediately go to Russia to meet with Putin in Moscow.

“In this regard (pushing for peace), I offered to bring a message from President Zelensky to President Putin which I will visit soon,” Jokowi said when delivering a press statement with President Zelensky as quoted Reuters.

Even so, it is not clear what Zelensky’s response to Jokowi was after the Indonesian president said that. It is also unclear whether Zelensky left his message to Jokowi for Putin.

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4 Results of the Meeting between Jokowi and President Zelensky in Ukraine


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