4 Mistakes When Doing Personal Branding, Don’t Just Doang Imaging

To start a career, of course you need personal branding or self-promoting, showing their superiority. Basically, everyone has the right to do this.

However, not everyone is able to do it well. Therefore, consider 4 mistakes in doing personal branding which should be avoided.

1. Shows a fake self-image

Having a self-image is important in building personal branding. Because, this will give you direction where you want to show yourself what you want to be.

However, do not even show a false self-image. It’s just an image. Because, this is so that you have no difficulty in improvising. However, appearing as it is is actually much better.

2. Not in line with reality

To show superiority in yourself, you must be able to pay attention to what can be given. Of course related to your abilities.

Do not let what you promote against your superiority. As a result, it will be difficult to win the hearts of those around you.

3. Do not have a goal to be achieved

It is fitting that if you want to do something, of course there must be a goal to be achieved. Therefore, it is better if we prepare beforehand what we want to achieve by means of personal branding.

If you don’t have a clear goal, you will lose direction to do something. Later you will find it difficult to be able to show the advantages you have.

4. Impress arrogant

Even though you actually have a good advantage, that doesn’t mean you are arrogant and don’t know manners. Preferably, quality abilities must go hand in hand with good ethics as well.

Because, if your attitude or behavior makes other people feel offended because of arrogance, it can actually make it difficult for you to improve your own good name. Therefore, it is fitting for us as humans to have good manners.

Based on the reviews above, of course there must be preparation for yourself in order to have personal branding the strong one. As a result, your dream career will also feel the positive impact. However, ability and ethics must also go hand in hand well, yes!



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