4 keys if you want to invite “celebrities” to your podcast


Do you understand that inviting famous people to interview your podcast can increase your subscribers? The answer is, not necessarily. Now, if you want the strategy to work, I give you 4 keys to achieve it. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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Are you interested in creating a podcast or just created it? Then you are in the right place, because in this program you will have keys, techniques, tools, applications, and answers to take your podcast to the next level. And with you your host: Podcaster and solopreneur who has made the podcast his best way to live. The one with the Japanese last name but Dominican to the tambora: Robert Sasuke. Open your ears wide because This is Podcast!

If you are starting your podcast or if you already took the step with your first episodes, go for more learning how to do it in less time, with fewer resources but raising the quality of your production. You have the complete course with everything you need to learn how to create, grow and monetize your podcast in www.creaunpodcast.com

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