4 Hero Mobile Legends (ML) that Need Buff or Revamp

Making a game into balance is one of the most difficult things for any game developer. At every patch or season change, there will be several heroes who are very strong and enter meta, and there are also heroes who are less competitive and wasted from meta.

We can see that there are certain heroes who are almost always banned and picked in the S6 MPL tournament or even in ranked matches.

But there are also heroes who are completely forgotten and we can see from statistics that this hero already has a low pick / tire rate, and also a low win-rate.

These are the four Mobile Legends (ML) heroes that SPIN Esports says they need buff or revamp so that it can be relevant again in meta. Who are the heroes?

2. Bane

hero ml bane buff revamp

Bane is a hero who has actually been robbed by Moonton before. But instead of becoming more and more popular, this hero isn’t selling well. It can be seen by the winrate which is only 46.5%, the pick rate is 0.09%, and the tire rate is 0.01%.

Bane is actually a hero who is quite sick and can do burst damage that can eliminate soft heroes in one combo. But the big weakness is the lack of defensive skills that are usually owned by today’s fighters (such as Khaleed heal, Yu Zhong jump, or Leomord shield).

Then, this hero’s durability is also bad enough so that when she enters war, usually this hero will be easily killed by your opponent. Ultimate from Bane is also quite easy to predict and avoid by opponents.

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3. Martis

hero ml martis buff

hero ml martis buff

Martis is a hero who was a star when he was just released. This hero was really deadly so it became a pick and ban subscription at that time. But unlucky, not long after this hero became popular, several nerves to Martis’ skills and damage made this hero fall off the stage instantly.

The hero, who was very dominating on the lane and diligent at Savage, became a hero who was arguably quite weak after being nerfed many times.

If examined further, it looks like this hero lacks the damage, CC, and durability needed for a fighter to play more bars on the lane or in team fight. So that when Martis is 1 on 1 on the lane against the current meta fighters, if the player’s abilities are the same, it is likely that Martis will lose in a damage battle and will be easily zoned out or even killed.

4. Rafaela

Actually, according to the author, Rafaela is the better hero than the previous three heroes. At least we also saw that this hero was picked up in several MPL S6 matches yesterday. But still this hero statistic is bad with only 44.5% win rate, 0.09% pick rate, and 0.29% tire rate.

According to the author, it seems that Rafaela’s main weakness is the lack of burst damage and spell CC. Even though burst damage and spell CC are the fixed prices needed by a support hero at this time because the support hero must often gank and kill the opponent’s core quickly, especially in the early game.

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It seems that with some buffs that can be applied to Rafaela’s skills, this hero might return to meta again.

Actually there is 2 hero again who fall into the category need to buff or revamp, that is Sun and Clint. However, it seems that Moonton is already planning to revamp the hero in the near future, so it doesn’t need to be included in this list.

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What do you think? If you agree, disagree, or have additional opinions, just comment below. Hopefully the heroes above can really be buffed or revamped so that the ML game can be more balanced and not bored with the same heroes.

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