4 Facts about Teacher’s Beheading in France for Showing Cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Page all

PARIS, KOMPAS.com – A teacher on France named Samuel Paty beheaded after showing the cartoon Nabi Muhammad from a satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo to his students in class.

The incident that occurred on Friday afternoon (16/10/2020) immediately shocked France and the world.

Here are four facts about the case that are known so far, as reported by the news AFP.

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1. Who are the victims?

Samuel Paty (47) is a history and geography teacher at the Conflans-Sainte-Honorine located outside Paris. He was on his way home from school when he was attacked.

Earlier in early October he taught a class on freedom of expression, showing his students caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

During his lifetime he received praise from fellow teachers and students for his skills as a teacher, while the French presidency said there would be a special day to pay tribute to Paty.

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2. Who did it?

The suspect was named Abdoullakh Anzorov who was shot dead by police. He is an 18 year old teenager who was born in Moscow but comes from Chechnya, southern Russia.

According to anti-terror prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard, the suspect has been granted refugee status in France and obtained a 10-year residence permit since early 2020.

The intelligence services do not know him and there are no records of him, but prosecutors say Abdoullakh damaged public facilities and committed acts of violence when he was a minor.

Ricard continued, there was an account on Twitter which was confirmed to be true to Abdoullakh Anzorov.

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3. Why is the teacher the target?

According to Ricard, there was a father of one of the students at the school who organized a campaign online to get Paty fired for the cartoon case.

He met the principal and on social media called for an attack on Paty and then insisted it was time to “stop” such behavior.

Ricard explained that preliminary evidence showed the perpetrator was walking outside the school on Friday afternoon and asking a number of students where he could meet Paty.

So far there is no indication of a relationship between the perpetrator and the school.

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4. Who were arrested?

A total of 9 people have been detained for questioning, including the father who filed a complaint against Paty.

Ricard said the parents’ half sister joined ISIS in Syria in 2014 and had been the subject of an arrest warrant.

Another man who participated in the video the father uploaded asking for Paty to be fired has also been detained with his wife.

The man accompanied the father to file a complaint with Samuel Paty.

Meanwhile, four of the suspect’s relatives, namely his younger brother, grandfather, and his parents were also detained for questioning.

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