4 dogs dead after poisoning, police warn owners about sausages

Since the end of December, four dogs have died in Tilburg as a result of poisoning. The police reported this on Friday. On Friday morning, poisoned sausage was found in the park next to the Von Weberpad in Tilburg-North. And also on Friday, the police received a report that a dog had been poisoned.

A police spokesman could not say how the latter dog is doing on Friday afternoon. As far as we know, this dog has not died. It is not clear whether the other four four-legged friends died after eating poisoned sausage. “We have received reports that they have died from poisoning. Today is the first time we have found poisoned sausage,” said a spokesperson.

Since the end of December, the police have received several reports that dogs have been poisoned after they were walked on green belts in the De Lijnse Hoek district in Tilburg-Noord. The police therefore warn dog owners against poisoned sausages in Tilburg-North.

“Be alert”
The advice to dog owners is to be extra alert when walking the dog in the vicinity of the Von Weberpad, the Eccardstraat and the Bachlaan. “Keep the dog on a leash and make sure that the dog does not eat anything”, is the advice.

If you see someone laying down sausage or if you find sausage in the De Lijnse Hoek district, please contact the police. She also asks owners of dogs, of which it has been established that the dog has recently died from poisoning, to report this.

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