4 curious facts about the US metropolis

Every year in the USA there are many millions of tourists who want to see the city. Whether it’s just dawdling through the streets or visiting the most beautiful sights. There is something for everyone. But hardly anyone deals with some bizarre facts about the city. Because there is a lot there too – but almost nobody knows about it.

Every city has its own history and secrets, and New York City has a lot to offer. Because the city is not the youngest and has been repurposed over the years. For example, today’s parks were not always designed for a walk.

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Crazy facts about New York City

Mass graves under the parks

It sounds extremely cruel, and it is. Because around 230 years ago, Washington Square Park served as a cemetery for around three decades. Thus, tens of thousands of people were buried where today millions of people rest, walk the dog or sunbathe.

One-way tickets for the homeless

The USA has a big problem with homelessness, because there are no benefits that catch you like there are in Germany. So many people live on the streets. So that it doesn’t get out of hand, the city gives away one-way tickets to the homeless. The destination can be selected by the homeless person. However, it must be proven that there is someone there who will take care of the homeless and take care of them.

The longest time without a murder is…

Crime is also very high in the United States. The current record, set five years ago, is 11 days without a murder. At the same time, crime is going down bit by bit. It was even worse decades ago.

That’s how expensive a taxi license is

When you think of the USA, you always have the crowded streets and lots of taxis in mind. Everywhere you see the yellow cars stuck in traffic. But although there are so many of these vehicles, the license is very expensive. To get approval for the business model, you now pay almost a million dollars. Is it because there are already so many? Already read? These are the seven most dangerous cities in the United States.

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