4 children positive in middle school, none sent home – Austria

Glattauer gives grades. Today: schools prepared for children vaccination zero. Teachers (have to) do what they want … And: Thank you, Minister!

Schools prepared for children vaccination zero

It is unbelievable! We have all been waiting for months (!) For the vaccination approval for children from 5 to 12 – and then nothing is prepared in the schools themselves, nothing at all. A “completely frustrated” school doctor in Vienna wrote to me: “I am responsible for a good 500 school children in several schools, but I couldn’t vaccinate a single child. “

260,000 doses of the children’s vaccine are to be delivered to Austria by the end of the year. Now I ask: why not finally involve schools actively in the vaccination process? Why don’t all parents have a parenting letter with an appointment for a) a clarification interview and b) the trick? EVERY vaccination will count, especially with Omikron. Minister Faßmann has full-bodied announced the support of 640 federal school doctors. Empty words. Embarrassing. Embarrassing. Austria.

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Glattauer gives grades
Niki Glattauer was a teacher and school director in Vienna for 25 years. He has published 13 books so far, all of them on the subject of schools have become bestsellers. Every Monday he gives in a column for today Grades.

You can find all of his articles here.

Teachers (have to) do what they want …

“Today”– Editor-in-chief Christian Nusser put it in a nutshell in his political blog: “Austria’s schools are currently more of a raffle event than a place of education.” If you have to go into quarantine, teachers decide by thumb times Pi. I know of an MS class in Burgenland with four cases of infection, from which not a single child was sent home; for this, a VS class in Vienna had to go into distance learning after the father (!) of a child had been tested for corona positive.

In my son’s school “performance assessments are carried out to the full planned extent” (parents’ letter), in that of his friend of the same age “all grades are postponed to the new year”. And the prescribed masked ball? Every school celebrates it behind closed class doors according to the teacher’s mood, mood and mood. The result of freedom of choice? No, the result of cowardice to make decisions (© Hans-Peter Hutter).

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Schools stay open! Thank you, Minister!

I recently gave some “not enough” to Heinz Faßmann, but the fact that the schools are open is almost entirely thanks to him. Thank you, Minister! To withhold their school life from the children while everyone continues “outside” as if the lockdown was a carnival joke (government included, keyword: drinking champagne for “Licht ins Dunkel”, see the current Nusser blog “Not ins Dunkel”) – the whole government would have had that deserves a shred.

Speaking of “outside”. Even if umpteen angry mailers ask me to do so: No, I will not write against the opening of the ski lifts and slopes, on the contrary. For most people, skiing is a sport, not après-ski. And exercise is good. And if you have to lock the gondolas in Salzburg, Carinthia & Co., you can also lock the underground trains in Vienna right away. Even I say as a Viennese …

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