4 Bad Effects That Happens If We Are Too Fanatic

Feel amazed To something is something that can be felt by everyone. But if we overexpress or fansit becomes adverse effects for myself. Fanatics don’t make us good lovers of something.

There are 4 negative impacts that you will receive if you are fanatical.

1. Easily provoked emotions

When other people say things that are different from your opinion, you feel disapproved. Even though they also have the right to say their opinion on something you like. If it insults, of course it’s wrong. But you can’t demand others to always think the same as you. Basically, not everyone likes something you like.

2. Improper logic

Because we demand other people not to comment on what we like, we sometimes talk casually. Because an excessive form of love makes our healthy scale not function fully. We become very aggressive and don’t hesitate to say inappropriate things just to defend something you like.

3. Evil and truth become blurred

A fanatic is willing to do anything to defend himself. In fact, not all of our sentences and actions are correct to be used as a defense. If we are too fanatical, we even do bad things. For example, cursing at other people even in cyberspace just because they have a different opinion with you. Of course, this is something we should avoid.

4. Easy to avoid

In life we ​​should accept many differences. We must also be willing to accept differences of opinion from others. Because of the selfish nature that we have, other people will be easy to stay away for that reason. If you really love something, you must also be willing to differ from other people’s views. As long as they don’t insult him, we don’t need to overreact.

The fanatical form can make us feel like the truest human being. In fact, other people’s different views are also not inferior. Love properly. You can defend the things you like when they really intend to insult and demean. But keep in mind, we also have to behave properly and not deviate from the law.

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