3HK SoSIM Offers $500 Top Up for 2-Year Extension and Rebate

The price-performance ratio is extremely high. Many people use more than one SoSIM per minute. Recently, a new discount has been launched. Many times, we may have many stored-value cards. Many times, we plan to save the number because there is no balance, but we don’t know it after the limited period, resulting in the loss of even the phone number. I believe that many people have tried it, but the SoSIM can be extended for two more years as long as the specified amount is recharged! For details, read below!

Top up $500 for 2-year extension + $150 rebate

According to the letter sent by 3HK SoSIM to customers, the cost-effectiveness has been improved again. As long as the recharge is $500 or more, the validity period of the prepaid card can be extended for two years, and there is no need to worry about forgetting to renew or card expiration. At the same time, the value-added $500 can also automatically renew the 360-day data package, so you don’t have to worry about running out of data throughout the year.

What’s more, now you can enjoy multiple benefits with an added value of $500. In addition to getting a $150 rebate, it is equivalent to free travel data for up to 13 days. Add value at ParknShop or Watsons, and you can even enjoy “NATURALS BY WATSONS Aloe Vera Shower gel 490ml” (original price $51.9).

Value-added $500 In addition to being able to extend for 2 years, there is an additional rebate of $150, you will immediately add $500 and wait for you to keep it all day long?

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2023-05-29 12:29:13
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