3D logos made in Montpellier

The company Lettershop, created six years ago, manufactures 3D logos on its various production sites (Paris, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles), including the one in Montpellier. Despite the health crisis, the company turnover doubled in one year.

Our core business is making logos in different materials, explains Philippe Dupuy, founder of Lettershop. Metal, polystyrene, PVC, plexiglass … Soon, we will make neon lights! Over 50% of requests are for wood and plant logos. This is surely because, and several studies have shown it, plants at work improve well-being.

To achieve these green logos, professionals take a support (for example, wood), hollow it out by hand and insert a plant in it with a natural resin that allows it to be preserved without having to take care of it.

With the health crisis, the telecommuting is almost becoming the norm: you leave the premises of your company to work from home. At the time of the first confinement, panic at Lettershop, which is investing in communication and marketing.

However, the company faced a strong demand. “Let’s say the market has changed, Philippe Dupuy analysis. Digital companies, especially start-ups, have turned to us. And I think it’s because they haven’t suffered too much from Covid-19. “

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