3BB was hacked by tens of thousands of lost customers, including addresses, mobile numbers, ID numbers

3BB was hacked by tens of thousands of lost customers, including addresses, mobile numbers, ID numbers Wade added safety measures Prepare a suitable remedy plan for the client.

On 14 Jan. 64 Mr. Yodchai Asavathongchai, Executive Vice President Operation Line of Triple T Broadband Public Company Limited or 3BB mentioned in the event that a group of hackers (Hacker) published an article that they had access to inside information of the JAS group and 3BB extortionate demands in exchange for non-disclosure of such information. Publicly said

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As of late 2020, there have been incidents where websites around the world were abused by hackers by illegally accessing and removing information from websites in order to claim benefits. During this time, the Company had been vigilant and found that there was an unusual attempt to access the Company’s information.

The company therefore immediately blocked such access and was constantly monitoring. From the preliminary investigation, it was found that some 10,000 3BB Member’s customer information was extracted, such as name-address, telephone number, Birthday information ID card number As for the password, the system has been encrypted to secure it. The copy of the ID card is not accessible. In addition, the customer’s credit card and financial information will not be accessed. Because the company does not store such information in the system in any way.

“The company would like to confirm that the company has security protection systems, firewall equipment, anti virus systems and regular surveillance measures. But there is also a chance that a proficient adversary attacks and gain access to information systems using various methods. But the company was not complacent about what happened. Executives and engineering teams were aware of the problem and took corrective action, blocking access to all customer data as soon as it was detected. In addition, measures to block abnormal access from foreign IP addresses have also been added, as well as improving the information security system to be higher. And has procured software and hired external security consultants to check the security system. To increase confidence in the security of personal information “

However, customers can change their password at the 3BB website or the 3BB Member application to increase the security of using the website or application.

At the same time, the Company’s Legal Department has proceeded to report to the police and coordinate for cooperation from the Technological Crime Suppression Division (BMA).

Mr. Yodchai added that The company also prepares appropriate remedial measures for customers affected and damaged in each case. The company realizes the duty and importance of communicating and disclosing facts with due regard to the impact on customers.

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