370 unresolved corona infections in Hesse

ÜThere were 30 new Covid 19 infections in Hesse overnight. This is reported by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in charge of disease control on its website. The number is above the reports of the four days before, but remains manageable: the increase on Monday is just under 0.3 percent. In comparison, only the Bergstrasse district stands out with five new cases, and Frankfurt has also reported just as many. The Schwalm-Eder district has recorded four other infected people.

Pleasing: Officially, there is no further corona victim to mourn in this state. According to the RKI, 512 people have died as a result of a corona infection in Hesse since the pandemic began to be recorded at the beginning of March. Frankfurt (67) and the Odenwaldkreis (60) have the most deaths; In the rather sparsely populated district of southern Hesse, the virus broke out weeks ago in old people’s homes. So far, 50 corona victims have become known in the densely populated Main-Kinzig district. That follows from the most recent Corona-Bulletin of the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs.

As the Robert Koch Institute further reports, 10,100 patients are considered cured of their Covid 19 infection. Based on the 10,985 infections that have become known since the beginning of March, 370 are not yet over. However, this number varies somewhat from day to day. It’s not just because of the new cases.

As the RKI informed the FAZ, it does not officially collect data on the number of people recovered. The survey is also not provided for by law. “However, at least in the cases in which most of the information was determined, which had no severe symptoms and which were not admitted to a hospital, one can assume that they will have recovered after 14 days at the latest,” says Berlin. The RKI estimates the number of those who have recovered.

The Ministry of Social Affairs publishes an overview of the Corona development every day, broken down into districts and urban districts. It refers to figures from the RKI. Until a few days ago, it also took into account data from the Hessian state examination and investigation office in the health system at the Gießen regional council, to which the health authorities have to report the new cases. In order to establish consistency, the ministry now only uses the RKI information.


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