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36 dead in Greek train collision. (Bloomberg)

[Central News Agency]At least 36 people were killed and dozens injured in a collision and derailment between a passenger train and a freight train yesterday in Greece. A station master in the central Greek city of Larissa was arrested today, police said.

“The 59-year-old station manager has been arrested,” a local police spokesman told AFP.

Greece’s Supreme Court prosecutor had earlier ordered an investigation, with government spokesman Yiannis Economou noting that the two trains had traveled “several kilometers” towards each other on the same track.

According to Reuters, a government official said a Larissa station master was arrested after testifying before prosecutors.

Prosecutors filed misconduct charges against him, a police officer said. He was charged with causing mass death by negligence, and causing grievous bodily harm.

Police said the man denied any wrongdoing and attributed the accident to a possible technical glitch.

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