35 years of Microsoft Windows, here’s the history


On November 20, 20 years ago to be precise, Microsoft released Windows 1.0. Namely, their first PC operating system equipped with a graphical user interface (GUI).

But long before that, Microsoft had enough hold on in the PC industry, because they are the makers of MS-DOS, a command language that until recently can be accessed via the CMD menu in Windows.

Inspired by the 1973 Xerox Alto which was equipped with a GUI, young Bill Gates began designing the WIMP (Windows, Icons, Mouse, Pointer) GUI to enable them to hook new PC users.

However, development is fairly slow, and when Windows was released, a number of companies (including Apple) had started running GUIs on their operating systems, as quoted by detikINET from XDA, Sunday (22/11/2020).

Released in late 1987, Windows 2.0 supports the use of the i286 processor. Microsoft was sued by Apple regarding the release, although in the end it was won by Microsoft.

Then in 1990 Microsoft released Windows 3.0, which can be said to have a significant increase compared to before. One of them is the virtual memory feature and allows a number of functions in the application to be stored in RAM.

However, most people are new to Microsoft products when they release WIndows 95. One of them is because of the massive launch, including the endorsement of the band Rolling Stones.

But other than that, Windows 95 – then – looked like Windows from the future. This is also the first Windows that allows users to run 32 bit applications natively in its GUI.

The first plug-and-play feature was introduced here, where users can add printers, mice, and so on, without the need to install the drivers themselves. Don’t forget, Windows 95 also features Internet Explorer. Yes, this is the beginning of Windows entering the internet era.

Long story short, moment Microsoft then released Windows Vista in 2006, they already controlled the world PC OS market. Nearly every workbench has a PC, and nearly every PC runs Windows XP.

One successful product will be followed by one failed product, and so on. Check out the rest on the following page

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