35 Carbon Capture Plants Worldwide: Growing Importance of Net Zero Targets

Abu Zahra: There are 35 carbon capture plants currently operating around the world

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The regional head of the Middle East and North Africa region of the Global Institute for Carbon Capture and Storage, Muhammad Abu Zahra, said, in an interview with “Future Energy”, that there is a growing global trend to recognize the importance of carbon capture technologies to achieve net zero targets by 2050.

Abu Zahra added, in an interview with Al Arabiya channel, that this is evidenced by the number of projects that have been announced in many countries around the world.

He explained that governments and various sectors began to realize the importance of carbon sequestration technology, so they enacted legislation to stimulate the private sector to invest in these technologies.

He pointed out that the European Union announced its green plan to reach net zero emissions by 2050, one of its main tools includes the use of carbon capture and storage technologies, and many other projects have been announced in the United States, the Arab region, Asia and other countries around the world.

And he indicated that there is a global trend towards adopting carbon capture technologies, and we still need more efforts towards stimulating the private sector and exchanging experiences.

He revealed that there are about 35 carbon capture stations currently operating around the world, adding that gas purification and chemical industries are the most widely used carbon capture techniques.

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He continued, “We are witnessing an expansion of carbon capture technologies with blue hydrogen and electricity.”

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