343 gives players more experience points in Halo Infinite. Now gets a little faster to level up

The Halo Infinite developers 343 Industries have received some criticism because it is a bit slow to level up in the multiplayer part and have previously said that adjustments should be made to speed up the leveling. Changes that have taken place so far are that new challenges have been added, such as playing a match, but now the developers have added that players get experience points for playing matches.

How it works now is that pillars that play a match get 300XP and after the second and third match you are rewarded with 200XP, and so on down to 50XP after the seventh match. The XP payout will be restored daily, making it a little more worthwhile to play every day, even if you have met the challenges of the week, or today.

343 Industries will make further adjustments in the future, hopefully regarding the game’s cosmetic gadgets, but this is still a pretty good start.



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