32 dead bodies found in Samyangpo-gu, Jeju, confirmed as missing crew members

Officials from the Jeju Coast Guard and lifting companies are lifting the hull of 32 people from the sea in front of the West Breakwater of Jeju Port on the afternoon of the 4th. yunhap news

On December 29, last year, an Indonesian crew member of 32 Min-ho (32 tons) of fishing boats that overturned and sank in the sea near Jeju Port was found dead.

The Jeju Maritime Police Department announced on the day that it was identified as one out of three Indonesian sailors of 32 Minho as a result of finding a body off the coast of Beolangpo-gu, Jeju-si, a sea near the sinking accident at 9:52 am on the 10th. .

At the time of discovery, Mr. A was confirmed to be a male, but it was difficult to identify the present due to severe corruption. The coast guard confirmed Mr. A’s identity through a separate verification procedure.

The Jeju Coast Guard will hand over the body to the family, but if Indonesian families cannot come to Korea, they will receive a family notarized power of attorney and hand over the body through the Indonesian Embassy.

On December 29, last year, Mr. A disappeared while aboard the 32 people overturned in the sea about 2.6 km northwest of Jeju Port in Jeju City.

At the time of the rollover accident, 32 people were on board, including Captain B (55). After the accident, Mr. B, the sailors C (73), and D (65) were found dead.

The 32 people who shipped to Jeju-si Hallim Min-ho were overturned and drifted in the sea 2.6km northwest of Jeju Port at 7:44 pm on December 29, last year, and sank after colliding with the West Breakwater of Jeju Port on the morning of the 30th.

Currently, three of the seven crew members are missing, including one Korean sailor and two Indonesian sailors.

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Reporter Han Young-hye han.younghye@joongang.co.kr

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