30,592 new cases in 24 hours, 83 dead in French hospitals

18,803 patients with Covid-19 were hospitalized on Friday, according to data from Public Health France, compared to 19,154 on Thursday.

The pressure continues to reduce on French hospitals. 18,803 patients with Covid-19 were hospitalized on Friday, according to data from Public Health France, compared to 19,154 on Thursday. Among them, 1,142 were admitted to critical care units, including 106 within 24 hours. 83 new deaths are also to be deplored in French hospitals, bringing the death toll to 123,503 Covid deaths in France, since the start of the pandemic. 30,592 new cases have also been detected in the past 24 hours.

Things to remember this Friday

Among people with Covid 19, one in eight retains one of the characteristic symptoms of long Covid over the long term, shows a large-scale study published on Friday. These symptoms include “abdominal pain, breathing difficulties and pain, muscle pain, ageusia or anosmia (loss of taste or smell: editor’s note), tingling, discomfort in the throat, hot or cold flushes , heaviness in the arms or legs as well as general fatigue”, lists this study published in the Lancet. “In 12.7% of patients, these symptoms can be attributed to Covid-19, three to five months after infection, conclude the authors. This work, carried out in the Netherlands, is, by its scope and its methodology, an important piece to better understand the risk of long Covid, that is to say the persistence of lasting symptoms after a coronavirus infection.

Austria pays tribute to a doctor who took her own life after receiving anti-vax threats on social networks, a case that highlights the harassment aimed at Covid scientists. In Vienna, the bells of St. Stephen’s Cathedral rang out this week and candles formed a “sea of ​​lights” versus “psychological abuse” et “terror” on line. Lisa-Maria Kellermayr, 36, was discovered dead on Friday July 29 in her office in Upper Austria (north). Farewell letters were found and the autopsy performed at the request of his relatives confirmed the thesis of suicide. In a message published at the end of June on her professional website, she announced the cessation of consultations until further notice. “For more than seven months, we have received death threats at irregular intervals from circles opposed to Covid measures and vaccinations”she had written.

North Korea on Friday did not report anyone “suffering from fever”for the seventh consecutive day, and affirmed that all the people who suffered from Covid in the country are now cured. “No new cases of fever were reported in the past week and all those who received treatment recovered,” the official KCNA news agency reported on Friday. The term of “feverish patient” is used by the North Korean authorities to designate people infected with the coronavirus because, according to some, of a lack of screening tests.

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