300,000 passengers have taken the Toulouse cable car since it was put into service

Since its inauguration on May 13, 2022, Téléo, Toulouse’s urban cable car has transported 300,000 people. Despite some technical breakdowns, this mode of air transport has succeeded in attracting users.

Inaugurated with great fanfare last May, the Toulouse urban cable car is the largest in France. It links the Oncopole to the Paul Sabatier University over 3 km, passing through the Rangueil hospital. Open from 5:15 a.m. to 12:30 a.m., Téléo has 15 cabins that can each accommodate up to 34 people.

For four months, 300,000 travelers have used it.

Most users are very satisfied with this new mode of transport. The largest urban cable car in France connects the Oncopole to Paul Sabatier University in ten minutes compared to more than thirty minutes by car. The journey takes place in the air, thus offering a breathtaking view of Toulouse and the Pyrenees chain in good weather. Travelers also give high marks for the quietness of the facilities.

The cable car has quickly become a must when visiting the pink city. IDuring the Ascension weekend, 9,800 visitors took it in one day. Last attendance record, this Sunday, September 18 with 18,350 ticket validations.

Since its launch, the cable car has already experienced numerous breakdowns. The first, less than a week after its release. Then three times the following month. Technical incidents related to computer problems. Breakdowns which would have caused, according to Tisséo, stops of less than 3 hours and impacted 2% of Téléo’s traffic.

At the beginning of August, it was shut down for 15 days for its annual maintenance. The entire structure has been revised.

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