300 euro bonus for families: how to get it

The bonuses for families are many. It is important to understand what the requirements are for obtaining them. This one from 300 euros is without Isee

Bonus Internet (Foto Pixabay)

The system bonus now in vogue for some time in the institutions is a support mechanism aimed at partially buffering the difficult situations. That is, instead of preventing, or countering in an organized and integrated way what penalizes some segments of the population, it is preferable to surrender to the status quo ed only one disburse bonuses, making them pass for a sort of dono.

And apparently it works. Citizenship adheres with great enthusiasm to incentives public, also because they are aware of not being able to wish for much else. One of the divari cornerstone of the Italian population undoubtedly concerns the digital divide.

And as has happened in the past, the line of demarcation crosses the boot horizontally creating a caesura between North and South. The statistics show how big the difference is between access to using the fast bandwidth Internet in northern Italy compared to the south.

300 euro bonus, how to request it without Isee

bonus Internet
bonus Internet (Foto Pixabay)

And precisely in the face of this situation of technological discomfort, the Government has decided to confirm a bonus from 300 euro per family to improve access to the line Internet. This opportunity, which can be used for 2 years, would make it possible to cover half of the monthly subscription stipulated with service operators.

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In a historical moment where in the post-pandemic phase the work from home continues to be a preferential choice for many, improving home technology devices is necessary. And the bonus will arrive soon, no need for Isee. It will be the type of bonus that will benefit those who have the fastest click. In fact, the incentive is while stocks last.

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Il ceiling established should not be nationally, but broken down by zone. The lower the status of the broad bands, the greater the ceiling for the bonus. In any case the data of arrival non was still stability, but the government’s moves suggest that it will be close. When the bonus is operational, the interested parties will have to race against time to grab it.

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