30 years of Schone Schijn: why we still love it so much

You couldn’t ignore it for years: the iconic and legendary British sitcom ‘Keeping Up Appearances’, better known in the Netherlands as ‘Schone Schijn’. Despite the fact that only 44 episodes were made, the series was repeated again and again with great success. The hilarious series is therefore timeless, even now that ‘Schone Schijn’ is almost thirty years old today. Entertainment expert Eric de Munck explains the success and adds a number of highlights of Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet of course).

Actually, the whole series is based on just one simple joke: main character Hyacinth Bucket lives with hubby Richard in an extremely ordinary house in an average working-class neighborhood. However, she does not want anything to do with that and so she does everything she can to make the world believe that she belongs to the highest social class. Hyacinth insults everyone, pretends not to know her anti-social sisters and brother-in-law and insists that everyone pronounces her surname Bucket completely differently – as Bouquet. Almost all people in her environment understand Hyacinth’s tricks, but play the game with her, no matter how bad they themselves sometimes find it. And that results in a deluge of funny situations …

Hyacinth gets non-stop calls for the Chinese takeout

A recurring joke is that Hyacinth does everything he can to answer the phone before her husband Richard, in order to answer as neatly and neatly as possible. But mostly her attempts are in vain: it is often the customers of a local Chinese take-away who call. The songs are very similar. But when Hyacinth still has someone on the phone, she can’t help but emphasize on which expensive and special telephone the call is taking place.

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Hyacinth does not leave husband Richard alone for a second

Also one of the funniest situations Clean Shine: the car rides of Hyacinth and her husband Richard (played by Clive Swift, who died in 2019). Besides the fact that he can never do anything right in traffic, she also warns him about just about everything.

Neighbor Elizabeth is terrified to Hyacinth

Despite the fact that she never really wants to, when Hyacinth asks, neighbor Elizabeth keeps running for a cup of tea. With one hilarious (and sometimes a bit pathetic) panic attack after the other.

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Mispronouncing the name Bucket

The greatest sin you can commit at Hyacinth: actually pronouncing her surname Bucket (bucket) as Bucket. Because she herself made Bouquet of it. But that message – much to her own dismay – was not received by everyone.

Hyacinth is de übersnob

Nothing or no one is good enough for Hyacinth. Except for her son Sheridan, who we never see, but always only calls when he needs money. Some of the most funny snob moments at a glance:

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A reunion due to the festive milestone today is not exactly planned. At 91, lead actress Patricia Routledge (Hyacinth) is still with us, but most of her colleagues have since passed away. Mary Millar (Rose # 2) went first in 1998, followed by George Webb who played ‘Daddy’, also in 1998. Geoffrey Hughes, the antisocial brother-in-law Onslow, died in 2012. Also the original actress who portrayed Hyacinth’s sister Rose is deceased: Shirley Stelfox passed away in 2015. After all, Richard Bucket is no longer there, actor Clive Swift died in early 2019.

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