30 years of Bulgaria in the family of francophones were celebrated in Sozopol at the “Soley” festival

The Soleil Festival

A ceremonial session on the occasion of 30 years since the admission of Bulgaria to the International Organization of Francophonie was held today within the framework of the 13th edition of the International Francophone Festival “Soley”. The event is organized with the special assistance of Tihomir Yanakiev, mayor of the municipality of Sozopol.

He introduced the guests to the 27-century history of Sozopol and shared that every corner of the ancient city holds memories and promises adventures.

The mayor told the guests about the island of St. Kirik and Iulita and the joint work of archaeologists from Bulgaria and France. The mayor expressed his regret for the condition of the old fishing and later military school, where his grandfather also studied. He also shared his hope that with the help of the French government and the Louvre museum, the island, which is now a peninsula, will become a historical and cultural center.

Mrs. Alexandrina Isailova, who is one of the organizers of the festival, stated that the state of St. Cyric and Iulita are the fault of the governments, which for many years now cannot agree on the ownership of it.

She specified that it would be even worse if the place was built up with hotels, discotheques and casinos, but promised that this would not be allowed.

The mayor also thanked the former French ambassador to our country for his help in the excavation of an ancient villa in the “Misarya” district.

Moderator and translator of today’s event was Prof. Dr. Vladimir Veselinov. He spoke about the history of francophones in the Balkans. One of the interesting facts was that the word “Franks” is the first French word in a Bulgarian text that can be seen on Ivan Assen’s column II from 1238

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And the word “Bulgarians” was mentioned for the first time in the French language even before the 11th century.

The guests of the Soleil festival

Among the guests of the “Soley” festival are Snezhana Yoveva – Director of the Cultural Institute at the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sofia Mitresha – Director of the Center for Azerbaijani Language and Culture at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and representatives of Galatasaray University and Belgrade University.

Within the framework of the festival, artists from all over the world will work together in Sozopol – a city with a rich history and culture. The festival is an elitist cultural event where different peoples meet, united by the cause of Francophone values. It is also an opportunity to show part of the historical and cultural wealth of our country to our guests and participants.

It is no coincidence that the city of Sozopol was chosen as the venue for the International Francophone Festival “Soley”. A commercial and cultural center on the Black Sea coast for more than 2,700 years, its history and traditions are reason enough for festival participants to feel at home here for 13 years.

Over the years, “Soley” has established itself as the most significant cultural event that reflects Bulgaria’s membership in the international francophone movement.

International Francophone Festival “Soley” is traditionally held in June. Representatives from Bulgaria and other countries participate in the forum. Residents and guests of Sozopol within the framework of the festival have the opportunity to visit exhibitions, concerts, film screenings that present the diversity of cultural samples of the countries that are members of the International Alliance of Francophones.

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See more about the festival program here:

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