30 km of hurdles for the Allier

About twenty people, hunters and farmers

, responded to the call from Gaec Duperroux on Saturday morning to plant hedges. The date was fixed but the frost thwarted the project. The construction site turned into an impromptu meeting on agriculture and hedges.

In the warmth of the rising sun and next to the cows, the members of the Gaec Duperroux, Thomas, Vincent and Rémi and their father Bruno, a young retiree, as well as the children, Théo and Hugo, explained how their farm (580 ha ) shared between cereal crops and beef cattle breeding with 240 calvings, all of which take place under cover.

44 farms in 3 years

The federation of hunters detailed the new place that hedges could take in the face of climate and biodiversity issues and their usefulness for agriculture. This planting is financed by the French State Recovery Plan. In the Allier, it was carried by a consortium made up of the Mission Haies, the Federation of Hunters and Symbiose, which plans to plant 30 km of hedges in three years, on the land of 44 farms.

The Federation of Hunters has already been supporting a dozen projects per year for several years for about 5 km of planted hedges.

In planted species, traditional bushes include blackthorn and hawthorn, called black thorn and white thorn, as well as other species such as charcoal, blood dogwood, loquat. For the shrubby and wooded strata, there are pear, maple, plum, lime, elm.

The plants bear the local plant label, a guarantee of regional genetics and hardiness.

Delegates or federation members were present alongside Thierry Sonnier, Jean Dominique Chassin de Lusigny, President of the Small Game Association, Gilles Genest from Toulon, Lucien Gonin, Henry Guillot, Michel Cluzel, Bernard Peronnet, Jean-Claude Musssier , Bernard Pinez, Gilles Duperaud, Frédéric Styranec de Neuilly.


Toulon sur Allier


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