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If you don’t care about Rimatur or the Ideale 800 bus type, you don’t have to be surprised. Rimatur Transportes is a bus company from Paraná (southern Brazil). The bus is in turn built by the Marcopolo Group, also based in Brazil – the chassis comes from Daimler.

After Rimatur Transportes was the first company to announce the purchase of a newly created Ideale 800 about three months ago, which is based on a Mercedes-Benz OF-1621 chassis (Euro 5), they are now adding more. The transport company is expanding its fleet by 30 additional units of the type.

The Ideale 800 was specially developed for transporting employees from their homes to their mostly distant workplaces. In Brazil, these transfer trips are often carried out in charter traffic.

The Brazilian bus with German genes has a vehicle length of 12 m, a wheelbase of 5,950 mm and a capacity of 48 passengers. The vehicles have executive seats made from antimicrobial fabrics and all have USB ports.

Due to the health risks posed by the corona pandemic, the buses have a high internal air renewal rate and meet the Marcopolo BioSafe requirements. This includes the installation of antimicrobial materials and an alcohol gel dispenser next to the passenger door. Some of the 30 units are also equipped with a Valeo CC336 air conditioning system with an integrated disinfection system. In this air conditioning system, corona viruses are killed by UV-C light.

Rimatur is considered to be the largest charter company in southern Brazil. The company is headquartered in Curitiba and has two depots in the cities of São José dos Pinhais and Fazenda Rio Grande in the metropolitan area of ​​Curitiba. The company has a fleet of around 500 vehicles (buses, minibuses and vans) with an average age of 3.5 years.

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While the bus (travel) segment in Brazil also suffered a decline in sales due to the pandemic, the charter sector will continue to grow in 2021. Marcopolo, the market leader in the local bus body business with a market share of 52.7%, reports an increase in sales of charter buses. In the first three months alone, Marcopolo will deliver over 200 vehicles that will transport workers to large cities as well as in mining and agriculture.

Image: Ideal 800 with Mercedes-Benz OF-1621 chassis

Image source: Marcopolo

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