3 ways to split a laptop screen in 2 in Windows 10


Split Screen is a feature that is widely available on different operating systems, one of them windows. This feature allows you to open multiple applications, tabs or web browsers at the same time by splitting the screen.

How to split laptop screen in 2 is perfect for those of you who frequently switch application tabs. This benefits you in terms of time efficiency. If you didn’t know about this method before, maybe you are still using the old method which seems complicated and time consuming.

Using the split screen method laptop computer being 2, you can multitask at the same time. However, there are things you have to sacrifice if you want to use this feature. One of them is the size of writing in the card which becomes smaller.

However, this isn’t a significant problem, because you can still zoom the page manually using the zoom function in that tab.

So how do you split laptop screen into 2?

How to split laptop screen into 2 in windows

Reported by detikINET from Digital Trends on Sunday (4/12/2022) there are at least 3 ways you can use the split screen feature in Windows. Starting from using the snap assist, resize feature and shortcuts.

Split the screen using snap assist

The first way you can use is to use the snap assist feature. This feature is already available in Windows 10. What you should pay attention to is to enable the snap assist setting feature first. Another way to search for it directly is to type “Multitasking settings” into Windows search. Here’s how to split the screen with snap assist.

  1. Open the application or card that you will be using
  2. Drag and hold the application tab to the left or right corner of the screen
  3. After that, the card view will automatically change to the middle of the screen on the left or right
  4. Do the same thing in the other tabs of the application you will use
  5. Done.

Split the screen using the resize feature

The second way to split the screen into 2 in Windows is to use the resize function. You can set the custom tab width. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the tab or application you want to use
  2. First reduce the size of the card using “minimize”
  3. Hover over the left or right corner of the card border until a two-way arrow symbol appears
  4. Next, adjust the size of the card size
  5. Set the position of the tab according to your wishes
  6. Do this in the Advanced tab
  7. Done.

Split the screen using a shortcut

The third way you can apply is to use a shortcut. The shortcut itself is a short way to press a combination of keys on your keyboard. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the tab or application you will be using
  2. Make sure you clicked the tab again
  3. Press the Windows key + left or right arrow
  4. after that, the tab will be half the screen based on the direction of the arrow you pressed
  5. Then, do the same in other tabs or applications
  6. What you have to remember is to press a different arrow from the first tab
  7. Done.

So, here are some ways to split laptop screen into 2 for Windows OS. You can use these methods to view 2 tabs at the same time.

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