3 Things That Happens When You Get Into a Black Hole

Sunday, May 15 2022 – 12:30 WIB

VIVA – For those of you who like about space or science fiction genre films, perhaps already familiar with the name ‘black hole or black holes. Or maybe some people have heard black hole but don’t know what it is black hole that?

Black hole is a place in space where gravity attracts so much that even light cannot appear. Gravity in black hole very strong because it is squeezed into the tiny space that can occur when a star is dying.

Until now, black hole considered a mysterious place. The reason is because it is thought to have its own space-time structure that is independent of other realities.

Because of its mysterious nature, not a few people wonder what will happen if you go inside black hole. Can humans survive when they enter there? Reported by VIVA from Lithub, here are 3 things that can happen if you enter black hole.

  1. No light at all

Black hole.

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