3 stocks to buy ready to rise despite the weakness of the markets

The bad signal yesterday on the stock markets, this morning is confirmed and now the situation becomes critical and strong short-term bearish hikes are also possible. The study of the time series makes us say that even when the markets go down there are still many possibilities on equities to exploit on the upside. When a market goes up, not all stocks follow this trend, so when they go down. Today, with the markets in the red, there are 3 stocks to buy ready on the upside despite the weakness of the markets.

What are the reasons why a stock can go against the grain?

They can be many, from charts to fundamentals. As per the axiom of classical technical analysis, an upward chart tends to discount positive news coming, and a downward one, negative news.

3 stocks to buy ready to rise despite the weakness of the markets

Which ones are they?

FCA, Saras and Tiscali (MIL: TIS). In recent days on these pages we have repeatedly analyzed these companies and highlighted their good relative strength. Those who want to invest upwards on the stock market at this juncture could focus on these stocks. Newton’s law which is applicable to markets states and states (in simple terms) that a movement tends to continue until a reverse movement occurs.

Let’s analyze the individual stocks from a graphic point of view. Regarding the fundamentals, we believe that all three are widely undervalued based on the balance sheets of the last 4 years.

FCA, last price at 11.062. Buy on the market with stop loss at 10.55 (first support at 10.81) and prime target at 12.05 / 13.22.

Saras, last price at 0.49. Buy on the market with stop loss at 0.4387 (first support at 0.48) and prime target at 0.525 / 0.573.

Tiscali, last price at 0.0262. Buy on the market with stop loss at 0.0224 (first support at 0.038) and prime target at 0.32 / 0.375.

As usual we will proceed step by step.

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