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Get ready to watch “Full Moon Eclipse” tonight on Loy Krathong night They start seeing from 17:44 If you miss it, you have to wait up to 3 years.

Today (November 8, 2022) National Astronomical Research Institute (Public Organization) or (Public Organization) leaked information via Facebook “NARIT National Astronomical Research Institute” said today. a lunar eclipse will occur From 15.02 to 20.56 approximately (Thailand time) it can be observed from many areas of the world, including northern and eastern Europe, Asia, Australia. North America parts of South America the Atlantic Pacific Ocean Indian Ocean, North Pole and parts of the South Pole

Thailand today falls on Loy Krathong day. The moon will emerge from the eastern horizon at 5:44 pm, so it is not possible to observe the first phase of the phenomenon. It will begin to be visible during the full moon eclipse. The moon will appear brick red, visible to the naked eye. all regions of Thailand Observable until 18:41, a total duration of 57 minutes For Chiang Mai, a total lunar eclipse was observed from 17:44 onwards.

The order of the total lunar eclipse in Thailand

15:02 The phenomenon of the lunar penumbra begins.
16:09 Partial lunar eclipse begins.
17:16 The total lunar eclipse begins.
17:44 The moon rises from the eastern horizon.
17:59 Mid-eclipse
18:41 End of the total lunar eclipse.
18:49 End of the partial lunar eclipse.
19:56 The phenomenon of the lunar penumbra ends.

How does a lunar eclipse happen?

lunar eclipse It is a phenomenon in which the Sun, the Earth and the Moon orbit on the same plane. There is an Earth in the middle between the Sun and the Moon. How the moon orbits through the shadow of the Earth Observers on Earth will see the moon gradually dented until it enters the entire shadow, creating a total lunar eclipse. and he began to see the moon bruised once more as the moon moves away from the earth

The shadows of the Earth that cover the space are divided into two types: Penumbra Shadow, which is the outermost shadow, when the moon is in the fang, this part has a slight decrease in brightness, and the Umbra Shadow, a shadow intimate dark. When the moon enters the fang, this part will form a dark dent. Therefore, the types of lunar eclipses can be classified as follows:

type of lunar eclipse

  • Total Lunar Eclipse (Total Lunar Eclipse) The entire moon moves into the shadow of the Earth. The moon will be seen in orange or brick red.
  • Partial Lunar Eclipse (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse) The moon partially crosses the Earth’s shadow. will see the moon seem concave
  • Lunar eclipse of penumbra The moon passes in the terrestrial penumbra. without going through the shadows I still see the full moon but the brightness will decrease It is difficult to notice the change.

Why is the moon “red” during a full lunar eclipse?

During a total lunar eclipse, when sunlight passes through the Earth’s atmosphere. Blue light with a shorter wavelength is completely dispersed from the atmosphere. Only red light with a longer wavelength is refracted to hit the moon’s surface. therefore the moon is seen in red

3 reasons to watch “The total lunar eclipse in the Thai sky”

1. Corresponds to Loy Krathong Day
Once upon a time a total lunar eclipse occurred exactly on the full moon day of the twelfth lunar month, meaning the whole country would have celebrated Loy Krathong with a brick red full moon. You can see with the naked eye all over the country. This is a very special opportunity. And the most special for us, NAIT people, who organize an ad hoc event for Loi Krathong Chom Chan Red Brick. Dress up in elegant Thai costumes and watch the lunar eclipse along with the observatory. Meet at 4 main observation points, Chiang Mai, Nakhon Ratchasima, Chachoengsao and Songkhla.

2. See the full moon in brick red as it emerges from the horizon.
This Total Lunar Eclipse The moon will rise from the horizon during a total eclipse. or that the moon is in the shadow of the whole world This allows us to see the moon in brick red from the early evening. (The time of the total eclipse observed in Thailand is approximately 17:44 – 18:41, a total duration of 57 minutes.)

Then the moon will move from the shadow into the penumbra of the Earth. a partial lunar eclipse phenomenon will see the moon partially dented and when the moon enters the penumbra of the whole world it will occur as a penumbral lunar eclipse See the full moon with a slight decrease in brightness Before the end of the phenomenon at 20:56, when the moon orbits around the entire shadow of the Earth.

3. You can look again in the next 3 years.
After this, there will be no total lunar eclipse in Thailand for another 3 years, we will be able to see the brick red moon again this way on September 8, 2025.

Source: NARIT, National Institute for Astronomical Research

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