3 Police Shoot 1 FPI Troops Without Handcuffs, Claim to Seize Guns

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

One of the defendants in the alleged murder of four Laskar Front Pembela Islam (REIT), Ipda Mohammad Yusmin Ohorella admitted that he still shot the remaining one victim who was not handcuffed under the pretext of seizing weapon.

This was conveyed when he was examined as a crown witness in the trial of the KM 50 case which was held at the South Jakarta District Court (PN Jaksel).

At first, South Jakarta District Court Judge Suharno asked Yusmin about the reason for the shooting of the last victim.

It is known that the four surviving members of the Laskar FPI were about to be taken by three police officers, Ipda M Yusmin Ohorella, Ipda Elwira Priyadi Z, and First Brigadier Fikri Ramadhan to the Metro Jaya Police without being tied up or handcuffed.

The Laskar FPI member allegedly attacked First Brigadier Fikri Ramadhan by grabbing, strangling his neck, and seizing Fikri’s firearm. Faced with this situation, Elwira and Fikri then shot the Laskar FPI member.

“That’s if you add up three to one, three members of one are still alive, right. Now, it’s said that this one doesn’t carry a gun. Why does it have to be shot again, that’s the question and that too several times. What’s the reason?” Suharno asked.

Yusmin then replied that the last victim also fought back. At that time, he tried to seize police weapons even though three of his colleagues had died.

“So it’s the same for the last victim, the situation is that he took the weapon,” Yusmin claimed.

“Even though his friend’s condition is like that? Even though there’s only one left, he still fights?” said Suharno.

“Ready. So the situation is fast,” Yusmin replied.

The judge also asked Yusmin, “At that time did you not think about minimizing chaos or victims, borrowing handcuffs or ropes to tie them up?”.

“We never thought about getting there (borrowing handcuffs or ropes), we were just thinking about how the four people who were still alive would immediately go ahead,” said Yusmin.

Previously, six members of the FPI were involved in a chase and shootout with members of the police from the Polda Metro Jaya. The incident occurred in front of the Novotel Hotel, Jalan Interchange, Karawang, West Java to the KM 50 area of ​​the Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road.

The prosecutor said that six members of Laskar FPI were shot at close range and killed by three members of the Polda Metro Jaya, namely, Elwira, Fikri, and Yusmin.

The public prosecutor then charged two members of the Polda Metro Jaya, Fikri and Yusmin, with violating Article 338 of the Criminal Code regarding intentional murder in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph 1 to 1 of the Criminal Code.

In addition, they were also charged with Article 351 paragraph 3 in conjunction with Article 55 of the Criminal Code regarding persecution resulting in death. Meanwhile, Elwira was declared dead in an accident that occurred in January. However, the two police officers who killed the FPI members were not arrested to this day.


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