3 players support Al-Ahly in facing the Vanguards of the Army after recovering from the injury

The technical staff of the Al-Ahly club, led by Pitso Musimane, restores the efforts of 3 players after they recovered from the injuries they had sustained during the last period, and kept them from participating in the recent Simba Tanzanian match in the second round of the group stage of the African Champions League.

And fell Alahli football club With a clean goal against Simba, Tanzania, in the match that brought them together in Dar es Salaam in the second round matches of the group stage of the African Champions League soccer championship.

Triple returns Tahir Mohammad Tahir Ali Maaloul and Salah Mohsen to participate in the first team training, starting from the team’s first training session, in preparation for the upcoming confrontation against the team. Vanguards of the Army In the Premier League next Sunday.

Ali Maaloul was suffering from a pulled injury in the posterior muscle, and he will hold group exercises from tomorrow for a period of 48 hours, after which he will organize exercises normally, and Taher Muhammad Taher has also recovered from a strain in the connective muscle and will be present in the team’s training.

While Salah Mohsen performs the last stage of his qualifying program, after recovering from an injury to the front muscle, he will attend the team’s group training, provided that he is ready to participate in the team’s next matches, starting from the Tala’a Al-Jaish match.

Al-Ahly club is ranked third in the Egyptian league table, with 21 points from 9 matches only, behind Egypt Al-Maqsat, the runner-up and Zamalek leaders.



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