3 People Have Died, Deputy Chairperson of Pekanbaru DPRD: Don’t Think About DBD Cases

TRIBUNPEKANBARU.COM, PEKANBARU – The danger of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) continues to threaten the residents of Pekanbaru City.

Based on data from Diskes Pekanbaru, until mid-November 2020, 481 cases were recorded DBD in Pekanbaru City. Three of them died.

This condition tickled legislators at the Payung Sekaki Building Pekanbaru DPRD.

Because, if we don’t anticipate it, there is a very high chance of cases DBD this is increasing.

“This should be a serious concern of all circles. Especially Diskes and society. Do not be considered as a case DBD this, “said the Vice Chairman Pekanbaru DPRD Ginda Burnama ST, Thursday (26/11/2020) to Tribunpekanbaru.com.

This Gerindra Party politician warned the public that at this time they did not only comply with health protocols during the Covid-19 pandemic.

But they are also more likely to anticipate attacks DBD.

Of course, keeping clean and eradicating mosquito nests, especially in the rainy season like now.

So, this millennial politician appealed to the public, to make mutual cooperation, to dispose of old accumulated garbage and become a nest for mosquitoes, making it a daily habit.

“Now they are vulnerable, people must jointly take steps to anticipate and prevent them. Of course, by carrying out the 3 M movement, namely draining, closing and burying objects that have the potential to become mosquito breeding grounds,” he added.

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