3 Most Effective Ways to Heal Broken Hearts

Researchers involved 24 participants with an age range of 20-37 years and asked them to do so.

First, participants were asked to think about what bad things made her hate her ex, because the more you find unpleasant things from her, the easier it is to forget the love for her.

Way second is to re-evaluate their feelings of love. The words “It doesn’t matter I still love people who are no longer with me.” changed into letting go of that love to open up opportunities for others to approach.

Way third is to find something to do with it so that it can distract from the feeling of a broken heart. Researchers found that this method was also quite effective at reducing the feelings of love and heartbreak felt by participants.

Everyone probably responds differently to each other, and everyone has a certain way that allows them to get over their broken heart. However, those three methods are considered the most effective.

(Febi Anindya Kirana / Fimela.com)


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