3 Mobile Legends Heroes That Can Kill X Borg

3 Mobile Legends Heroes That Can Kill X Borg.

INDOSPORT.COM – Here are three heroes in the eSports game Mobile Legends to kill the rising hero fighter named X Borg in Lane Of Down.

There is the latest Mobile Legends update that has been carried out Moonton some time ago made a fighter hero named X Borg often become a mainstay when playing in rank.

This happened because of the new Mobile Legends item called War Ax. The effect of giving physical attacks and physical penetration will make the user have great strength even in the early game.

Reporting from dailyspin, as of July 1, 2021, X Borg is the most popular hero in Legend rank to Mythical Glory with a 3.6% pick rate.

Even so, fans of the eSports Mobile Legends game don’t need to worry. Following INDOSPORT has summarized three heroes that can kill X Borg:

1. Khaleed

When dealing with X Borg in the exp lane, you only need to use a hero named Khalled. This hero fighter not only has high damage, this hero also has high HP regeneration.

Thanks to his passive skill and his first skill called Desert Tornado, Khaleed can produce enormous burst damage. Another advantage of Khaleed is that he has good mobility because he has a skill called Sand Walk.

When the passive skill is active, Khaleed can walk and skate on the sand which will increase Movement Speed ​​by 25%.


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