3 main goals Liverpool hope to strengthen their army in 2021

Open a list of the three main goals that Liverpool want to pull in next year, including center-back, midfielders and forward.

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp has continued to perform well since winning the Premier League last season. With 14 kicks this season, leading the crowd with 31 points, leaving the second-ranked team Leicester 4 points.

German manager Have to have problems to fix many points this season With both players who have been bad for a long time And there are also some people who are infected with the COVID-19 virus.

Of course, in 2021, “Reds” will be strengthened again, and here are the three main goals that the club would like to strengthen.

1.Dayot Upamegano (RB Leipzig)

3 main goals Liverpool hope to strengthen their army in 2021

Liverpool still want a new center-back after Holland defender Fergil van Dyk. Injured seriously to the knee and did not know when to return, while Joe Gomez was also on a long break, and Joel Matip was unable to fight hard. Causing this time to retreat Fabinho as the main character

The goal that “Reds” want is Dayot Uppamegano, defender of the Erbil Leipzig, but must use a lot of internal energy. Because the 22-year-old French star has become a target of many clubs

There was news that Man United wanted UPA, Megano as well, and Bayern Munich was also peeking. As a result, the cost of moving the team would not be less than 50 million pounds (about 2,000 million baht) for sure

Upamegano has been playing the Bundesliga game this season for 703 minutes with an average of 1.1 successful tackles per game, 0.7 interceptions, 0.7 blocks and 2.2 clears per game

2. Erling Haland (Borussia Dortmund)

3 main goals Liverpool hope to strengthen their army in 2021

The Liverpool Insider website insists Dortmund striker Erling Haland is the main target Klopp wants to bolster his troops in 2021.

Haland is the perfect shooting star. Have both speed and sharpness Plus score all kinds of goals And more importantly, it is only 20 years old, making it last for more than 10 years ever.

However, “Reds” would have to compete with many clubs. Especially Real Madrid and possibly Manchester City and Manchester United, two rival clubs join the league.

This season, the Norwegian spearhead has made 17 goals before suffering a knee ligament injury. And have to rest until the new year

3. Ives Bissouma (Brighton)

3 main goals Liverpool hope to strengthen their army in 2021

Liverpool Echo, famous media for Merseyside, reported that Ives Bissouri, midfielder “The Seagull”, is a player that “Reds” want to join the army to represent Georgein. Yo Wijnaldum, Dutch midfielder.

Wijnaldum has performed outstandingly until it becomes the main force for Liverpool, but will expire the contract with the team next summer, with news that Barcelona are prepared to pull in to strengthen the army.

Bissouma, 24, has done a great job for Brighton. It is a player who runs spawning across the field. It can also be inserted up to shoot in the second row as well.

The Brighton midfielder has a record of 89 per cent success in tackles this season and is believed to be a good substitute for Liverpool if they lose Wijnaldum next year.

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